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The first link in a given title is to the original story; "The ... Mix" links to the Remix.

Amatia's Quietly (The In My Head Mix) by Sqeakyclean
Anaimos' Love's Labour Lost (The Reminiscent Mix) by Silvia Kundera
Ang Griffen's Unravel (The Nothing is Wrong Mix) by Nope
Blythely's For the Birds (The Watching Mix) by Fleur, AND
Blythely's Was Will Is(The Worried Mix) by Proserpina
Capitalflash's Scrawled Letters (The Through Other Eyes Mix) by Eledhwen
Catja Mikhailovic's And in Arcadia I (The A, A' Mix) by ShinigamiForever
Celeria's Fingertips (The Archery Mix) by Fleur, AND
Celeria's Bright Red Genes (The Rose-Colored Times Mix) by Jori
Chloe's Pass the Days With Someone (The Days + Years Mix) by Blythely
Claire's Friendship (The Not Quite Mix) by Fleur
DarkKnight's Don't Talk Back (The Evil Mix) by Lady Lance
Drew's When I Start to Make You Nervous (The Believe Mix) by Pogrebin
Eledhwen's The Turning Years (The Watcher Mix) by Claire
Fleur's Nothing But Quidditch (The Cedric Mix) by Anaimos
Gemmi's First Kiss (The Vintage Coins Mix) by Weaver
Glockgal's Breakfast (The Brunch Mix) by Ravenchel
Holographis' Gone (The Hope Mix) by Kassie
Iris' The Results of an Enlightening Tea (The Bone China Mix) by Holographis
Isis' All Things But Love (The Mix) by Veuki
Jai Marie's No Matter What (The Cat's Eye Mix) by Twinkledru
Jeanne's The First Noel (The Holding Hands Mix) Schuyler Dade
Jori's Purple (The Frustration Mix) by The Unsquickable Jenny
Kassie's The Inescapable Past (The Designer Voodoo Mix) by Twi
Kate Bolin's My Name is Ginny Weasley (The Echo Mix) by Snaples
KatieBec's Only (The Voiceless Mix) by Pogrebin
Koanju's To Capture Tintagel (The Spiral Castle Mix) by Kay Taylor
Kay Taylor's Summer's Day (The Grass Mix) by V
Lady Lance's The Truth About... (The Days of Yore: The Founders Four Mix) by Nope, AND
Lady Lance's Lose Yourself (The Redux Mix) by Poetic Licence
Lasair's Untitled (The Captain's Rights Mix) by Fleur, AND
Lasair's Where It Falls (The Wind Mix) by Celeria
Maki's Trinket (The Character is Destiny Mix) by Rhoddlet
Makishef's Beautiful Mess (The Carpe Diem Mix) by Jai Marie
Marvolo's Glass Houses (The Cracking Mix) by Koanju
Melle's (Sofie K. Werkers)Evitar (The Uncertainty/Local Inversion Mix) by Drew
Melwil's Good Girl (The Snake Bite Mix) by Fleur, AND
Melwil's Kick (The Harry Mix) by DarkKnight
Nita Riddle's Neville's POV (The Colin's POV Mix) by Melle (Sofie K. Werkers)
Nope's Chick Chick Chick Chick Chicken (The Newlywed Life Mix) by Jeanne
November Snowflake's Yes (The Virginia Mix) by Anaimos
Phineas Jones' Look Up (The Night Sky Mix) by KatieBec
PhoenixDru's Easier Downhill (The Melted Chocolate Mix) by Iris
Poetic Licence's Footsteps in the Dust (The Remix) by Nita Riddle
Pogrebin's Recognition (The Gashlycrumb Mix) by The Elfie
Proserpina's Not to Be Talking About Quidditch (The Study Notes Mix) by PhoenixDru
Ravenchel's Repetition, Muted (The Rewind Pause Fastforward Mix) by Amatia
Reena's Hard on the Knees (The What She Wants Mix) by Isis
Rhoddlet's Egypt (The Herpetology Mix) by Kate Bolin
Schuyler Dade's Curtains (The Outside Looking In Mix) by Melle (Sofie K. Werkers)
ShinigamiForever's Echoes of Angels That Won't Return (The Again the Demon Screamed Mix) by Glockgal
Silvia Kundera's Butter and Pigtails (The Daydream Mix) by Marvolo
Snaples' Unspoken (The Poem Unlimited Mix) by V
Sqeakyclean's Green (The Blue Mix) by Phineas Jones
The Elfie's Indian Summer (The Homecoming Mix) by Trin
The Unsquickable Jenny's Daydream (The Nightmare Mix) by Fleur, AND
The Unsquickable Jenny's Keeper (The A Cunning Plan Mix) by Chloe
Trin's A List of Draco Malfoy's Faults (The A List of Harry Potter's Faults Mix) by November Snowflake
Twi's Scope (The Photograph Mix) by Pogrebin
Twinkledru's Possibly, Maybe (The Probably, Possibly, Maybe Mix) by Melwil
V's Traitor (The Mystery of the Cruelty of Things Mix) by Catja Mikhailovic
Veuki's Blood Kiss (The Stoli Folly Mix) by Lasair
Weaver's The End of All Things (The I Might Be Wrong Mix) by Capitalflash

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