Rescribo! The Harry Potter Remix Archive


June 17, 3:24 AM EST: The Stories are up!

The hell?
Inspired by the Remix Challenges in LOTRPS, Popslash and the multifandom Remix Redux, we decided it was high time for the HP version. If you've ever read a story and thought, "This is great, but I'd do it differently," you've come to the right place. A fic remix is like a musical remix - same song, different beat -- or in this case, same story, different style, perspective, voice, et cetera.

Who's running this?
Thousands of trained monkeys. No, really it's just Amatia and Catja. If you have questions or complaints, they can be reached at, or individually at and

How does it work?
Interested and eligible parties sign up. Then we toss everyone's names into a hat, and randomly assign you another participating author. You trot on over to that person's website, read their stories, and choose one to rewrite. We'll post a list of all participating parties, but all assignments are to be kept secret - part of the fun is trying to guess who wrote what.

What's the time frame?
With the imminent release of OotP, we will soon be dealing with an influx of new canon; therefore, now is the perfect time to celebrate a last fling with the canon and fanon as we've known it. So...
May 3: Sign-up ends at 11:59 PM EST. Late sign-ups may be accepted.
May 4: Assignments go out.
June 15: Remixes due by 11:59 PM EST. You'll have six weeks.
June 17: Stories go up (we hope).
June 20: Authors revealed.

I wanna play!
First, read the rules to find out if you're eligible. If you are, send us an e-mail and tell us:
~your name/handle
~your e-mail address
~where your stories can be found
~your "safe" story (if applicable)
If you have any questions about the eligibility of any of your stories, let us know sometime before May 3.

Guide for Participants