what sins gave thee suck?
frequently asked questions

Who are you?
Catja Mikhailovic.

What do you do?
Avoid work, usually. Sometimes I write, or teach, or do academic-type stuff. I am a deeply boring individual, except when I'm being a bitch, and then I'm only slightly less boring.

The site looks like crap and none of the links work.
Er. Yes. Well, I know next to nothing about coding, and am teaching myself as I go along. Eventually, everything will get sorted out. I hope. If you have suggestions, hit me up; I could always use the help.

"Barren delights and unclean"? Is that supposed to be poetic?
Um, yes. All the page titles on this site are from A.C. Swinburne's "Dolores (Notre-Dame des Sept Doleurs)", the greatest poem ever.

What's with the all the pictures?
I like them. They are as follows: Eros, Sidney Harold Meteyard; Yorinda & Yoringel in the Witch's Wood, John Duncan; The Cave of the Storm Nymphs, Sir Edward John Poynter; (this page) Psyche Opening the Box, John William Waterhouse; The Gates of Dawn, Herbert James Draper; I Lock my Door upon Myself, Fernand Khnoff; The Delphic Oracle, John William Godward; In the Venusberg, Hon. John Collier.

Weasleycest? The fuck?
It was VC Andrews wot did it, guv! Um. Well, I'm not questioning you about your kinks, so leave me alone. I'm writing a paper about this, so if you want a better answer, come back later. Besides, Fred/George is CANON, baby.

You're a total freak, you know that?